Understanding Your Dog’s Emotions: A Lesson from the OhMyDog Help Community

Ever felt uncertain about your dog’s behavior? Or, questioned how your canine companion perceives your absence when you are away? If these thoughts resonate with you, we welcome you to our vibrant corner of the internet – the OhMyDog Help Community, a supportive space for dog parents to unravel the captivating dynamics of canine emotions.

A recent conversation in our active WhatsApp group brought forth a unique question from a member. She was anxious about how to convey an upcoming trip to London to her dog who she shares a deep bond with and questioned if daily video calls would be beneficial during her absence.

She was set to be away for six weeks. Her dog, who is equally fond of her parents, has a ritual of waiting for her return from work before relishing his evening meal. This heartwarming routine, however, raised concerns about the dog’s well-being in her absence.

This common scenario sparked a remarkable discussion in our community, leading to a detailed response that not only addresses the issue but provides deeper insight into the emotional world of dogs. So, let’s delve into it.

Contrary to human perception, dogs don’t have a sense of time as we do. However, they are acutely tuned into our emotions. If you’re expressing worry or sorrow about leaving your dog while you’re away, your dog is likely to pick up on these emotions and feel similarly distressed.

The solution here is to shift our emotional perspective. As you prepare for your journey, visualize bringing back a treat or a toy for your dog from London. This positive emotion will radiate to your dog, alleviating any potential discomfort.

It’s equally critical for the caretakers in your absence to maintain this positive emotional environment. A resting or sleeping dog could easily be misconstrued as missing their human, leading to feelings of sorrow. These negative emotions can inadvertently distress the dog.

To circumvent this, propose a joyous narrative to the caregivers. For example, when the dog is resting, they could excitedly say, “Just a few more days until treats from London arrive!” This shifts the caregiver’s emotions from sadness to happiness, an emotion your dog can certainly sense.

As for video calls, it’s a subjective matter, varying from dog to dog. Some dogs may respond positively, while others might find it confusing or anxiety-inducing. It’s recommended to try it and observe your dog’s reaction.

What distinguishes the OhMyDog Help Community is our sincere commitment to understanding dogs and their emotions. Our philosophy emphasizes that empathy and understanding significantly enhance our relationship with our canine friends.

As dog parents, it’s vital to recognize that our emotions profoundly impact our dogs. By radiating positive emotions and maintaining a joyful narrative, we can help our dogs navigate the times of our absence with ease.

Are you inspired to delve deeper? Do you aspire to be part of a community where understanding and love for dogs thrive? If so, we welcome you to join the OhMyDog Help Community. We are a collective of dog parents continually learning, supporting, and growing together. Here, every question, every story, and every dog matters.

Together, let’s continue our journey of understanding and loving our dogs better.

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