Why do dogs develop behavioral issues? (Aggression, hyperactivity, phobias, etc. etc.)

I grew up with many dogs(15+) but none of them had issues that I faced in dogs when I started my dog behaviorist journey in 2016.

I knew that dog parents innocently are doing mistakes in raising their dogs because no dog is born aggressive, you will not find any aggressive puppy but they start developing behavioral issues once they start getting influenced by us humans, just because we lack understanding of the species “Dogs”.

Most dogs live a balanced life(calm, submissive, peaceful) when they are with a balanced pack.

When a dog becomes unstable in the pack then all members of the pack start correcting him and if they can’t then they remove him from the pack, for us this can be harsh but this is the law of nature, the survival of the fittest.

When we bring a dog into our life, we start raising him using our own psychology but in reality dogs have a different psychology and different needs.

When we fail to fulfill their needs then they start developing behavioral issues, that’s why understanding dog behavior is very important if we want to raise calm, confident, and obedient dogs.

So, I highly recommend you to enroll in our courses and start understanding dog psychology.

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