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Hi, this is Sunny Luthra. I never had any plans to start something like OhMyDog in my wildest dream. But life is surprising, one step led to another, and somehow OhMyDog came into existence and became what it is now.

I started learning and teaching in 2016 and started loving the idea of helping people understand dog psychology. Since then I have helped countless dogs and humans. I got so much into learning and teaching dog psychology that I left everything else(My high paying IT career)

But as my love for dogs kept on growing, my love for coding(my first love) start coming back as well. I used my IT skill and created this website to help people learn more and more from my videos and blog which gave me chance to restart my IT career as well. 

So thank you all for helping me go on this amazing adventure of becoming a self-taught dog behaviorist.

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