Let’s Begin The Journey – OhMyDog.Rocks Podcast

Hi, Welcome to the OhMyDog Podcast.

I am your host Sunny Luthra, an entrepreneur, a software developer, and a dog behaviourist. I love dogs and I love talking about dog psychology.

So, since my childhood, I am passionate about dogs and I grew up with 10-15 dogs. I used to take care of all the dogs and observing how they behave with each other was my favourite way of spending time.

This was before the year 2002 because in 2002 I left my home town which is in Rajasthan and came to Pune to pursue computer engineering.

I worked in an IT company for a year and then started my own company, from 2009 to 2015 I made a lot of money, but I was not happy, I was not feeling fulfilled.

In 2016 I got a golden retriever puppy and from then the journey of my becoming a dog behaviourist began.

Please listen to this first episode of my podcast to learn more and if you are the person who wants to learn more about dog psychology then please follow this podcast and please visit ohmydog.rocks website for free courses and articles.

Through this medium, I want to bring my knowledge to you so that you can understand your dog.

Thanks so much and I’ll see you on the next episode! Stay Happy!

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