My kids are very fond of dogs, please help me own one.

First thing first, You cannot own a being.

You should bring a dog in your life with an intention of bringing in a companion, a life, and not “something” you own.

Dogs are just like kids, but you will find them way more humble and loving than most humans.

They will require your assistance lifelong, after all, they are kids who never grow up which means they will always shower you with their innocence and pure heart.

Dogs have their own needs that you have to fulfil daily, and you must understand that dogs are not for amusement, just like kids.

So if you are thinking to bring a dog in your life then you must bring the whole family on the same page, learn about the responsibilities and divide them among all the family members.

I have mentioned all the needs of dogs in the “Dog parenting model” course, it is available for you all to learn.

Please listen to this podcast which is about the very topic of owning a dog.

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