2-month-old Golden R, have been trying to keep her out of the kitchen…

Hi Sunny, have 2 month old Golden R, have been trying to keep her out of kitchen, tried creating boundary by putting a net but when ever I am in kitchen she wants to enter, barks and has breached the area. Please advise

The net will not work because she doesn’t know the concept of it yet. She has a habit of following you and she may or will behave insecurely sometimes, If you are giving affection(touch, talking, giving eye contact with love or sympathy or worriedness) to her whenever she is under stress for providing comfort then you must stop, if you want to provide comfort then be calm and confident around her.

Now, the main point of creating a boundary is that most people make a mistake during this is that they try to create it in a real-life scenario, If you want your dog to not come in the kitchen then please practice this but from a training point of view which means go in the kitchen for the purpose of helping your dog understand the boundary and not to cook some delicious meals.

-> Remove the net during the practice.
-> Go In the Kitchen
-> If she Follows you, then hold her collar calmly and guide her out and make her sit outside and then go in the kitchen again, everything should be done with calmness and from helping her understand the concept of boundary, it’s new to her, so do it as many times as required but always with calmness.
-> you can also use a leash to guide her out of the kitchen.
-> If you get frustrated then stop, then start when you are calm again.
-> Use absolute minimum levels of sound or no sound at all while communicating with her during the practice.(sound creates excitement in them)
-> Consistently follow Rituals of Dogs it will help your dog become calmer every day.

Be consistent. 🙂

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