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Is it a good idea to neuter a French bulldog to control aggression?

Hi guys! I need some honest advice. We are a parent of French bulldog who is 2.5 years old. Very very loving hyper active and overly pampered. Not that friendly with other dogs. He becomes bossy. Since last 2.5 years there is no case of biting except once when my father tried to separate a dog fight. But today the same episode repeated unfortunately the other dog bit my father badly.We have welcomed a baby girls 3 months back and Brownie has been very calm and quite with her with some strict distance maintained.As the episode happened today, I am in a dilemma for getting him neutered or not. Was avoiding it until now but I think the time has come. Is it a good idea? Just want to make his aggression controlled. Unable to decide. We have tried different means there are certain improvements but socialising with certain breeds like beagles is getting next to impossible for us. Kindly help me decide. Thanks

Summary: The user, Kranthi Kiran Chinta, is seeking advice about whether to neuter their French bulldog, which is showing signs of aggression towards other dogs. He expressed his concern, noting that his two and a half-year-old pet has been bossy and not very friendly towards other dogs. The situation escalated when another dog bit his father. He is considering neutering as a solution but is worried that the procedure might not guarantee reduced aggression. In response, another user, Sunny Luthra, advises that neutering does not necessarily control aggression and suggests considering other factors like harness use and behavior correction during walks.

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1 thought on “Is it a good idea to neuter a French bulldog to control aggression?”

  1. Neutering does not guarantee control on aggression.

    If you are using a harness and your dog is hyper during the walk too then leash will create pressure and tension.

    When your dog will see other dog the excitement will rise in him and tension through leash as well, when the excitement and tension crosses a certain threshold it coverts into aggression.

    Before deciding on neutering we have to if we are making mistakes during the walk and are we providing corrections or not.

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