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Will a communication tower on a terrace affect dog’s health?

@luthrasunny I have a query: I will be moving to a new flat end of this month. It has an attached terrace. But the problem is that it has a communication tower on that very attached terrace. Will it affect my dogs’ health

Summary: Ujjaini Dasgupta is about to move to a new flat with an attached terrace, but there is a communication tower on the terrace. She is concerned if the tower will affect her dogs' health. Sunny Luthra, presumably a friend or expert, advises her that the tower can indeed have a negative impact on the health of both Ujjaini and her dogs, and suggests finding a different place.

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2 thoughts on “Will a communication tower on a terrace affect dog’s health?”

  1. Ujjaini Dasgupta

    I have to confirm the flat tomorrow. If it affects them, i won’t take it. Will look for something else

  2. Yes it can have impact on health of you and your dog. It is going to affect you as well. If possible find another one.

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