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How to handle an aggressive shihtzu dog?

I have a similar query. My 2yr + shihtzu is extremely aggressive. Towards his Walker too, unpredictable towards us . We don’t know when he will snap and charge towards us . But he has always been like that. We got him home when he was a month old and later got to know his wild side 😔. People have been telling him to Neuter him , to calm his nerves down but I dunno if it will be helpful towards his aggression, coz he has been like this.

Summary: Niki's 2-year-old shihtzu dog displays unpredictable aggression towards her and others, despite regular walks and play. She is unsure whether neutering will help calm his aggression. Groomers refuse to cater to her dog due to his aggression, but there's one braveheart who could wash him but not use hair dryer. Sunny Luthra suggests getting a behaviorist on board to understand the dog and guide.

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3 thoughts on “How to handle an aggressive shihtzu dog?”

  1. I feel there are ample walks, thrice a day , 30-35 mins each .. plus freeplay with ball , hide n seek. No other shihtzu owners seems to take out Their pets thrice or 4 times a day, they say house play is enough with quick trips for pee & poop.
    I feel i have only one job now ,- take dog for walks and feed him . He watches me constantly with questioning eyes . Still he is ready to bite me.

  2. Because of his aggression, groomers refuse to entertain him . He is unofficially blacklisted from heads-up for tails spa and few others in my area. When they hear coco is coming, they make excuses or call me during the grooming session, saying – nahi karne de raha .. .
    There was just 1 braveheart who could wash him but could not use hair dryer on him …

  3. Getting a behaviorist on board who can personally come at your place to understand the dog and can guide you how to behave with him different situations will help a lot.

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