Understanding Why Dogs Hump: Should We Allow It?

Let’s understand why dogs hump.

In their natural habitat, you will hardly see any dog humping.

They mostly do it only if they are participating in a mating ritual. However, many dogs living with humans hump almost every day or multiple times a day.

In this blog post, we will explore the reasons behind this behaviour and whether we should allow our dogs to hump objects or us.

The Purpose of Humping:

Dogs engage in humping behaviour to release stress or when they are aroused.

Similarly, male dogs may also masturbate to release excess energy and stress. However, we need to ask ourselves why our dogs experience stress or arousal.

Addressing Underlying Issues:

The underlying causes of stress or arousal in dogs can often be attributed to boredom, pent-up energy, or a lack of mental and physical stimulation.

Dogs need structure in their lives, just like humans do.

They require mind-body stimulant exercises such as structured walks on a daily basis.

By providing these activities, we can help our dogs feel more content and fulfilled, reducing their reliance on activities like humping, excessive barking, or destructive behavior.

Exercise and Excitement:

Humans often turn to sugary foods to release stress, but we can also find stress relief through exercise.

Both sugar and exercise stimulate the release of happy hormones like dopamine.

However, relying on sugar for happiness leads to addiction and unhealthy habits. Similarly, humping releases dopamine in a dog’s body, but it is a cheap way for them to earn it.

Instead, we should focus on finding the root cause of stress or arousal in our dogs.

By providing structured walks and following a routine, we can address almost 99% of behavioural issues.

Our dogs will feel more content, fulfilled, and less inclined to engage in unwanted activities such as humping, excessive barking, or destructive behaviour.

Managing Dog Humping

In conclusion, allowing our dogs to hump objects or us may not be the most beneficial approach.

Understanding the underlying reasons behind this behaviour is crucial.

By addressing boredom, pent-up energy, or stress through structured walks and routines, we can help our dogs lead happier and more balanced lives.

Let’s prioritize their mental and physical well-being by providing the necessary exercise and stimulation they need, reducing their reliance on humping as a means of stress release or arousal.

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