The older one growls on her sister whenever she likes for no reason..

i have two indie stray female sisters.
they were around 9 months old when i brought them home.
the younger one had gastroenteritis when she came home.
she was aside for 4-5 days with her treatment.
the elder was/is very much bossy, wants the whole attention to herself only.
earlier they used to be together sitting,playing or sleeping.
but now the younger one is scared of the older one.
the older one growls on her sister when ever she likes for no reason.
what can be done?
please help.

Whenever people say that their dog needs the whole attention to herself then that means you are giving a lot of unearned affection to her, which is making her habitual of demanding attention.

The question is, you are giving affection because she is demanding it or she is demanding because you are giving unearned affections since puppyhood?

A dog should work for a reward, that’s their nature otherwise they lose humbleness, it happens with us humans as well.

You need to take your dogs on a long structured walk together, it gives them a sense of team works, they will start working as a team and the need for competition will fade away.

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