My dog constantly tries to eat things from the ground when we go for a walk…

Hi Sunny. My pet beagle 7 months old is constantly trying to eat things from ground when we go for walk. Beagle by nature walk with their nose down sniffing. But here she also picks up stuff from floor and swallows them as well. We try to remove things from her mouth but doesn't work all the time. I now think she may be swallowing them faster assuming we are going to pull it out. How do we stop this behaviour. This happens even if she goes out right after a meal. So I belive this is not associated with hunger.


You are right that this behaviour is not associated with hunger but saying that beagles by nature walk with their nose down sniffing is not right.

Puppies naturally are of curious nature and they use their mouth as well to figure things out.

When you take them swimming they will start bitting the water which makes no sense for people but what they are doing is figuring the water out using their jaws.

I recommend people to take their dogs on a structured walk which fulfils their primal need of walking, a structured walk is the one in which a dog is walking beside you or behind you and a human is leading the walk.

Now Let’s talk about the issue:

Your dog is of curious nature and we just need to channelize his curiosity.
We don’t want him to pick anything from the floor and we definitely don’t want her to swallow them.

Here is the strategy for that:
-> While walking keep the leash short but relaxed.
-> Be attentive about the behaviour of your dog from the beginning of the walk.
-> As soon as he put his nose down, pull up and then relax. (relaxing is the key because you want your dog to not put his nose down and relax as well)

Do this from a training point of view, be patient while doing this.

Also, your puppy requires exposure to nature where he can run on different terrain and sniff but before that master the structured walk.

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1 year ago

Hi sunny,
My 7 months golden retriever is very possessive about his things (except toys) whenever he picks something from down he dont drop it unless or until we give him something more valuable in exchange . Sometimes he bites us, not too hard but grabs us very aggressively . One day we took him for walk and there he took a plastic small ball from down and we tried to remove it from his mouth(as we were not having his treats while walking down)he just grabbed us and showed aggression .but he is very very friendly with people out even with us but only he shown aggression when he picks something. And while giving him his meal we always say him stay and on our comand he starts my main concern is how to handle when he picks something from down? And sometimes we feed him treats and i closed the box of treats he aggressively bite me . And took took the box with him .what can i do?

Reply to  Sunny Luthra
1 year ago

Thanks for your advice .i will surely implement this. Is it possible to talk to you ?

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