More importantly, want to know how should I feed them? Together in the same room at a distance or in a separate room?

A responsible dog parent asked this question:

Hi sir, hope you are doing well, i just needed your guidance regarding my 2 dogs.I have a 1 yr old dog who is a back of the pack dog & we recently got a new puppy home.The issue is new puppy nudges in my dog pushes him whereas my adult dog just licks puppy’s face. He doesn’t snap or react to puppy. Instead he moves away whenever puppy troubles him. If new puppy comes on my adult dog’s bed he goes’s out of the bed. He doesn’t claim his things. Whether its his food, chew, bed , toy , he moves away and let puppy have those things.More importantly want to know how should i feed them ? Together in same room at a distance or in separate room?I do lead my adult dog & puppy is 2 months old. Should i keep them separate , or interfere when puppy troubles him?Please advise.Thank you for your time. 


Yes, I am well, thank you for asking.

Congratulations on bringing in one more dog in your life.

Now, let’s understand the situation here:

So whenever new dogs meet with each other and if they want to create a relationship then many dogs start pushing each other to learn how far they can go.

Your new puppy doing exactly the same thing. He is pushing and nudging your adult dog to see what is allowed with him and what is not.

In these situations, I suggest people not interfere in their relationship, your adult dog will discipline the puppy if the puppy crosses the limit.

Your adult dog is amazing and already teaching the puppy the concept of peaceful sharing.

Humans must not feel bad for any of the dogs and must not nurture excitement in the puppy.

You should feed them together but there should be a distance between their bowls, and you should be present during the feeding time. The distance is such that you can easily stop them if any of them make a little movement towards the bowl of another dog, and also keep the bowl such that it doesn’t move when they start eating.

Do not separate them but observe and enjoy their behavior with each other and keep on fulfilling their needs. 

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