I was a pre-diabetic, had hypertension and a crappy Immune system.

I used to fall severely sick in every two months. That time I did not know my bad habits are taking the control of my life and I was becoming a slave of my own egoistic self.

My anger towards everyone was escalating with great proportions and lashing out became normal to me. I was sinking in my own depression and was finding ways to end the misery I created for myself.

There were many moments in my life when I thought of giving up on life but there was always a thought that there is something greater than the life I was living.

Nothing gave me the level of satisfaction I used to feel when I was a kid, when I used to sit alone in peace and just observed the behavior of animals for hours. The way they live, no matter what, animals always find a way to have the most out of life, and on the other hand I always find humans to find ways to get upset.

I was a very happy and curious child, I used to spend a lot of time with animals which I and my neighbour had.

My neighbour was a senior lady who was spiritual in nature, I used to call her “Jai Jai Wali Maa”, she used to take care of all the stray dogs, cows, birds and she gave me early lessons of compassion and empathy. We shared an unique connection.

While growing up I lost all the connection with her and animals, I got busy in studying nonsense, getting in a college, getting a job, earning so that I can spend on nonsense and prove my worth.

I earned enough to sustain for years, and I was just wasting my time doing nothing, intoxicating myself, spending uncontrollably. Truth is, Internally I was preparing for my final day, I wanted to give up completely on this purposeless life.

One day, something magical happened. A dog came in my life, an animal touched me with pure love, and all my memories of my childhood came back flashing, all the knowledge My “Jai Jai wali maa” gave me about life and animals, I started to realized all of that.

It was a shock for me, I went into a state of severe uncertainty for two days and anxiety was high but that small puppy pulled me out of that dark pit.

I found an anchor to hold on and live for. A dog changed my life, gave me purpose and made me a better human.

I started to learn more about them, their spiritual purpose in our life and how they guide us in achieving the greatness we all deserve.

Forever grateful to all the animals, mother nature is here to help and guide us. It depends on us how much we are committed to understand.