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Why is the dog Eevee becoming aggressive and how to manage her behavior?

Sir my dog eevee is getting more aggressive towards everyone who come in our house. Like today only one of friend come and eevee goes to her happily and sat on her they are very familiar with each other even she put her paws on her asking to pats but when she moves her hand a little eevee tries to bite her.As you have told me to go on structured walks we go on walks every morning for around 1 hour distance is about 4 KM and in the evening we goes to terrace to walk and play with her coz it’s very busy road it not safe . And I have started obedience training also now she know to stay while I m receiving any package.

Summary: Sony's dog, Eevee, is becoming more aggressive towards everyone. She tends to bite when someone is moving around her, causing fear among family members and guests. Eevee is suspected to have developed claiming behavior. Sunny suggests several measures like reducing excitement around the dog, decreasing sudden movements, and implementing leash time at home. Steps are also provided to prepare Eevee for separation, considering she shows anxious behavior in Sony's absence.

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21 thoughts on “Why is the dog Eevee becoming aggressive and how to manage her behavior?”

  1. Not just today even if she is sitting in dining area and somebody is in hall and moving her legs she would start growling at them

  2. So here is some miscommunication, sitting on her is not asking for pet, it can be claiming behavior.

    Does she met her with excitement? She is developing claiming behavior and get triggered with any movement.

    I hope you have stopped meeting with her excitement and practice no touch no talk no eye contact while meeting.

    Also she will require leash time at home, you will have to create a secluded place for her where she can rest, leashed after structured walk, before meal and whenever she goes in that frenzy mode.

    Structured walk will help in releasing the energy and calming her down, but we have to understand that dog is developing territorial behavior and we have to forget the past it doesn’t matter she is familiar with guests or not, every one must practice no touch no talk no eye contact, and no petting.

  3. sir my friend anvesha vo excited ho k ni mili the uske ane k 15 min bad eevee aram se niche baithi thi humlog bed pe baithe the normally bate kar rahe .
    Eevee normally aai humari bich me baithi tub b vo bilkul normal thi koi excitement ni. Aur eevee khud hath badha rai thi do baar humlog ignore b kiye par jaise ho anvesha hath uthai achanak se uska attitude bilkul change

  4. So excited nahi milna kabhi bhi, and jab bhi beech mae usey side mae karna, you can use leash. Eevee ko sudden movements se issue hai, so agar haat tez move hoga, or aap jaldi jaldi se walk karogey ghar ke andar usey issue hoga.

  5. Yes, also understand that she have issues with sudden movements, so gussey se nahi and ek dum calmly behave karna. Also ghar mae bhi bhagam bhaag kam karna hoga, that is her message to you.

  6. Yes sir your aisa hi kuch…koi pair hila raha ho ya uske age pair upar b kar n table pe ya chair pe to bahut tez gurati h

  7. Sir kai baar aisa hota jaise zone out ho jati hai. Aur koi hila to pakka kategi

    Thik hai sir ji kosis karte hai usko aur bandhne ka.
    Kabi kabi to sir bahut frustration hota hai subkuch kar rahe hai par fir b.

  8. Dekhiy, dog ke saath saath humarey andar bhi jo excitement hai, ghar ke anadar bhi jo impulse hai, usey bhi tune down karna hoga consciously work karna hoga khud par bhi.

  9. Now on I will try to give her more quite place and leashed time .
    Hopefully she goes back to being my Friendly eevee

  10. Thank you so much sir ji apki wajah fir to samjh aa raha hai k kya karne .
    Yaha to kisi se b kuch b pocho to bolte hai ab kuch ni ho sakte ab to bari ho gai h

  11. Aisa bilkul bhi nahi hai, dogs environment ke accordin bahut jyada behave kartey hai, so unka environment humare emotions hai, humey unn par bhi work karna hoga.. And dog calm down honey lag jayega..

    Always here to help.

  12. One last thing sir jub b eevee ko bandhte hai n to agar hum room me hai she very calm ..but the second I go out of room she would start Barkin nonstop.
    Should I stay in the room with her or just let her b?

  13. So she is attached with you and her claiming behavior will increase in your presence.

    Follow these steps to help your dog prepare for the separation:

    Step #1: Start giving leash time while you are at home

    Leash your dog when you are watching a show or cooking. Start with leashing the dog for 5 mins and keep on increasing the duration, this way the dog will learn to be calm while on a leash at home.

    Step #2: Pretend to go out

    When he is calm on the leash then begin the next process, that is pretend to go out, if your dog gets anxious, stop the process, sit down, and practice no touch no talk no eye contact during the whole process with the dog, start the process again when the dog is calm.

    Step #3: 5 Second Rule

    If the dog is calm, then go out, and within 5 seconds come back, and practice no touch no talk no eye contact, just sit calmly down and let your dog calm down.

    Step #4: Repeat Step #3

    Once your dog calms down, repat step #3 out and keep on increasing the duration. Take baby steps and soon your dog will be able to understand that is ok to be alone for a while because the person I am dependent on is coming back.

  14. Okay..
    We leave her alone for few hours she is ok with that bit if I m at home she had to be around me.

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