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Should I change my dog’s diet if it’s pooping excessively and semi-solid for several days?

Hello @luthrasunny my dog is pooping thrice a day but semi solid ( a bit with mucous) if I don’t add isabgol in curd/ food . It’s been about 4-5days now . Otherwise he s fine and eating his meals ( boiled chicken rice and pumpkin. Am adding gutwell tw8ce a day and cbd oil drops like always .no chamfe in food too .Do yiu think he needs Ned’s or should I wait wait amd observe a few days . I want to try coconut water and probelly too but incase he doesn’t like the taste etc he ll startcresource guarding which is rough for me to handle so I avoid any changes

Summary: Reena Mahajan sought advice regarding her dog's health, noting that her dog was having semi-solid poop after eating a diet of boiled chicken, rice, pumpkin, and other supplements. Sunny Luthra advised her to remove vegetables from the dog's diet temporarily because they can ferment quickly in the gut, potentially creating mucus and other digestive issues. He also suggested ceasing Gutwell for a few days before gradually reintroducing veggies in small quantities.

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3 thoughts on “Should I change my dog’s diet if it’s pooping excessively and semi-solid for several days?”

  1. You can decrease or remove veggies completely, whenever there is an issue in the gut remove veggies and fruits first, they can ferment quickly in the gut and can create mucus and other issues. Also give gutwell once or stop that too for couple of days.

    He does not need medication, we have to remove couple of ingredients from the meals, remove veggies completely for a 1-2 days and then you can resume in small quantity.

  2. Yes all veggies. People often believe veggies are good, but dog’s gut are way too small to digest them, so if there is any issue with the gut or poop, the first thing we should stop is veggies and fruits.

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