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Why is my dog smacking her lips constantly?

@luthrasunny my dog suddenly started smacking her lips constantly for a 10 to 15 seconds. What could it be?

Summary: Rutuja observed her dog smacking her lips continuously for a brief period. Sunny Luthra responded, suggesting the dog could be experiencing physical discomfort from gas or a stomach ache. He noted this behaviour often occurs during a tense phase, which could be mental or physical. Upon learning that the dog didn't stop after Rutuja stopped rubbing her stomach, Sunny advised a long walk could help alleviate any gas discomfort.

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10 thoughts on “Why is my dog smacking her lips constantly?”

  1. Yes, it happens during a tensed phase, that tensed pahase can be mentally or physiologically, in your case some pain, mostly in stomach.

  2. That can also mean that she was not enjoying that at that time, if she started when you started and stopped when you stopped.

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