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How can I prevent my dog from running out of the house whenever the door is open?

Hi, my dog has a tendency to run out of the house the moment he sees the door is open. Once he goes down he wants to play with anyone who he would see but people get scared. Pls suggest what can I do to prevent this 🙏

Summary: The user is seeking advice about their dog, who tends to run out of the door whenever it is opened. The dog is playful and wants to interact with anyone he sees, which tends to scare people. The advice given is to work on two areas; fulfillment and association. Fulfillment involves meeting the dog's physical and mental needs such as walks, play sessions, structured routines and outings in nature. Association training involves obedience training and teaching the dog that an open door does not mean running out. The user is encouraged to practice calmness, compassion, and confidence consistently throughout the training.

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  1. You need to work on two areas:

    1. Fulfillment
    2. Association

    Fulfillment: Strategy to fulfill dog’s mental and physical needs

    1. See if you are giving your dog enough walks
    2. Make a schedule for the walk and start giving brisk structured walk starting from 45 mins two times a day.
    3. Make a schedule for play sessions and play tug of war(mostly your dog is full of energy and want to play rough)
    4. Be consistent on this
    5. Give weekly or bi weekly outing in nature where he can release all the excess energy.

    Association: Strategy to create association that door open means not running out

    1. This will work only if the dog is fulfilled consistently
    2. Start practicing obedience training daily for 15 mins (Sit Stay Place)
    3. Once you have practiced enough obedience like for 4-5 days then go to next step
    4. Leash your dog, ask him to sit, and then ask someone to open the door.
    5. He will try to go out but use the leash calmly, his intensity will be low because of fulfillment and obedience
    6. Use the place command to send him back to his place even when the door is open
    7. Repeat this multiple times and eventually dog will develop a new association of staying inside even if the door is open.

    Calmness, Compassion, & Confidence, You have to practice with Consistencey through out the training.

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