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How to control a beagle’s excessive craziness for food?

Hi sir. I am a pet parent of a 2.5 yr old beagle. He is very crazy about food. He thinks of food all the time. He doesn’t even allow anyone to pamper talk or play. He thinks of food all the time. He sits in the kitchen to have food. Otherwise he barks loudly. I know this is weird query 😅 though he is getting crazy for food day by day.. How can I control his behaviour?

Summary: Tejas Chavan has an issue with his beagle obsessively desiring food and misbehaving when he doesn't get it. He asks Sunny Luthra for help in changing the dog's behavior. Sunny Luthra suggests giving the dog structured walks and limiting his access to the kitchen. He also recommends not to feed the dog when he barks, as this behavior can further encourage the obsession for food. Tejas thanks Sunny for his advice.

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2 thoughts on “How to control a beagle’s excessive craziness for food?”

  1. By start giving him long structured walks, restrict his entry from the kitchen, and take him for outings in nature where he can explore and run. With that you have to stop feeding when dog barks no matter what because unintentionally you are training him to keep on barking and keep on getting treats.

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