In their natural habitat you will not see dogs jumping on each other while meeting.

Naturally no dog jumps while meeting, they meet each other calmly and shake hand by sniffing each other’s rear.

Most humans think that jumping or excitement of puppies is happiness, so they start nurturing the excitement by giving affection or acknowledgement.

Excitement and happiness both are two different emotions. Excitement in animal world is unstable energy.

Most puppies get consistent affection when they are small and jumps cutely on humans.

Within 6 months, size of puppy quadrupled and the same jumping behavior becomes not cute any more.

Dogs keep getting habitual of jumping or practicing excitement and eventually lose control completely which leads to more serious behavioral issues.

Meet your dog by practicing no touch, no talk, no eye contact, so that, he can use his nose to meet you which is dog’s natural way of meeting.(No need to sniff your dog’s butt though)

Give acknowledgment or affection once he calms down, if you want a calm dog.