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What types of organ meats are suitable for feeding dogs?

One nutritional tip that I will never let go is to add Organ meats into the diet. Preferably fresh food diet, with 10-15% organ meat.

Summary: The OhMyDog pack platform users are discussing their pet’s diet. They agree that a mix of organ meats such as liver, gizzards, and kidneys are crucial to a dog's diet and health. Some feed their pets mutton, chicken, or egg, and others use freeze-dried options or prepared food when they cannot handle raw materials. They also discuss gradually shifting away from kibbles due to health concerns.

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9 thoughts on “What types of organ meats are suitable for feeding dogs?”

  1. Yes – they love it don’t they? I give chicken gizzards or mutton liver/kidneys also.

  2. Yes we give our dogs one day chicken, chicken liver chicken hearts, another day with beef and beef mince with rice and some kibbles.

  3. Amazing, not easy to source beef here, so I give mutton or quail. Avoid kibbles if you can. The more I read about it the more worrisome it gets.

  4. Kranthi Kiran Chinta

    What about Vegetarians? We can’t cook anything Non Veg at home. Eggs, Brownie loves them

  5. What do I tell you? I never had touched raw chicken, let alone organs until I learned how important it was for my dog’s health and longevity.

    Now I have formed partnerships with maqsud bhai and Sultan bhai for choice meat and organ pieces

  6. Kidding aside. If you are unable to, there are freeze dried and ready to serve options available that you can utilize. You can also pay your help and ask them to cook and bring if they are non vegetarian.

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