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Is it okay to reduce a dog’s meals from four small meals to two main meals?

@luthrasunny I’ve reduced chocos’ meals from four small meals (as advised by the vet) to two main meals… First one at 9 am. Then around 7 pm… Most of the meat I give around 7-720 pm. I keep the broth and very little of the meat aside and give it to him around 830 pm… I’ve seen his digestion seems to have improved slightly after.keeping bigger gaps between his meals…

Summary: Ujjaini Dasgupta has asked for advice regarding her dog's meal schedule. She reduced her dog's meals from four small meals to two main meals and has observed slight improvements in its digestion. She was advised by Sunny Luthra that each dog is different, and those with digestion issues can benefit from feeding in a small timeframe window. Ujjaini expressed concerns about her dog's mouth smelling during longer gaps between meals, which Sunny attributed to increased stomach acidity. He indicated that this is not harmful and can be regulated.

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12 thoughts on “Is it okay to reduce a dog’s meals from four small meals to two main meals?”

  1. Ujjaini Dasgupta

    Is this timing okay for him? I give him 2 tbs curd mixed in water around 430 pm… So he stays hydrated during his walks. It’s very hot here in gurgaon.

  2. Every dog’s body is different, dogs with digestion issues get benefits from giving all the meals in a small timeframe window.

  3. Ujjaini Dasgupta

    So morning meal (around 400 gm) around 9 am.
    Then 2 tbs curd mixed with water around 430 pm.
    Then around 700 gm around 7.20 pm
    Broth and rest 50-100 gm around 830 pm

  4. So his digestive tracts gets active 4 times a day and is active throughout the day.

  5. Ujjaini Dasgupta

    What would the recommended eating times be? I take him for a walk around 6 pm.. so evening meal can’t happen before 730 pm 🙁 and I try and avoid giving him too much in one go…

  6. Ujjaini Dasgupta

    I don’t give him anything between 9 am and 430 pm… And nothing between 830 pm and 9 am…

  7. If this schedule is working for him then we can continue, dogs with digestive issues get benefits by eating only in a intermittent fasting window(6-8hrs)

  8. Ujjaini Dasgupta

    Okay… Let me try and reduce the time gap gradually… If he stays on an empty stomach for too long, won’t create gas, right? Sometimes when the timing exceeds the regular gaps, his.mouth starts smelling. What does that mean

  9. Gas is created by fermentation in the gut.. Smell from mouth during long gaps is beacuse of higher acidity in the stomach.

  10. dog’s body prepare the acid and it regulates it as well, if we change the timings or reduces the activity or any environmental issue then acidity can happen but it is not harmful occasionally, it is a great way and a miracle process to regulate the acidity in the stomach.

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