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How to train my Beagle to defecate in the washroom?

Sir my Beagle only wants to go down for poop….it’s very difficult during the rainy season and dangerous too….how should I train him to use the washroom for poop….he uses the washroom for pee…. please guide me

Summary: In the given conversation, Archita Chamaria asks for guidance to train her Beagle for defecating in the washroom, a necessity particularly during the rainy season. Sunny Luthra, likely a dog trainer or expert, provides a detailed process for creating a language association between a command (like 'go potty') and the action of defecation, with a cautionary note against completely abandoning outdoor walks once the dog is trained.

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1 thought on “How to train my Beagle to defecate in the washroom?”

  1. Mostly, I can guide you on behaviors that are natural for dogs. Peeing and pooping in the house (den) is not natural for them, and they dislike it very much.

    Some dogs become habitual of peeing and pooping at home, but I don’t recommend that.

    Now, if you want to train your dog to go potty in the washroom, here is the process:

    1. Create an association between a word and pooping. Meaning, whenever he is pooping outside, just before that, you will say “Go Potty” (or anything). Once he is done, praise him.
    2. Be consistent with this process so that the dog can develop an association of the word with the activity.
    3. Practice outside by taking him to any spot and saying “Go Potty.” See if he has grasped that or not.
    4. Once he has developed a strong association due to your consistent efforts, then…
    5. You can try this at home as well.

    However, many people stop taking their dogs outside for walks once the dog learns how to potty and pee in the washroom. Don’t make this mistake, as it can create many mental issues in the dog and ruin the relationship.

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