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How to stop a Labrador from jumping on guests and family members?

Hi Sir Rakesh Parmar here I have a Lab 1year old He has a habbit of Jumping on guest and other family members if anybody comes home How to stop this Behavior Note:4 dogs in a one house but only lab has this habit

Summary: Rakesh has a 1-year-old Labrador that has a habit of jumping on guests and family members. Sunny advised on adopting a three-phase approach to break this habit. Phase 1 involves understanding the dog's level of energy and supplementing with appropriate exercises, limiting interactions when excitement levels are high, and frequent engagement in long walks or trekking. Phase 2 is about training the Labrador in a controlled environment by practicing 'No touch, No talk, No eye contact' policy, gently pulling the leash sideways when jumping starts, and repeating this process without creating excitement or noise. Phase 3 focuses on maintaining consistency in exercise routine, understanding that excitement isn't equal to happiness, and maintaining a consistent schedule for the dog's activities.

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2 thoughts on “How to stop a Labrador from jumping on guests and family members?”

  1. Sure.

    Phase 1: Understanding

    1. Dogs are born with 3 levels of energy. (Low, Medium, High)
    – See if the labrador is getting exercise according to his needs
    2. Ask all the family members to practice no touch no talk no eye contact when dog starts jumping
    3. If their is pentup energy in the dog, then initially they need to take dogs on long walks and hiking trekking as well.

    Phase 2: Training

    1. Setup a training environment where you already started giving enough exercise and then you are asking people to come to your house from training point for view.
    2. Tell them to practice no touch no talk no eye contact
    3. Keep the dog on leash and let him go to them
    4. As soon as he starts to jump pull sideways gently
    5. He will jump again and you should repeat the step 4 always gently with patience with out speaking anything.
    6. The whole process should be done quietly, sound creates excitement in dogs.

    Phase 3: Consistency

    1. Exercise is a must for dogs .
    2. Understanding of humans that excitement is not happiness, so they must stop nurturing excitement in the dog through out the day in all activities except play.
    3. There should be a consistent schedule for all the rituals of dogs.

    All the best.

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