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How to prevent ticks and fleas on dogs?

How to prevent ticks and fleas…

Summary: The group suggests checking the dog's fur frequently, particularly after outdoor activities, in grassy or wooded areas to prevent ticks and fleas. Regular cleaning with pet-friendly shampoo is recommended. Avoidance of tick-infested areas, cleanliness of the sleeping place, and regular washing of bedding and vacuuming is also advised for prevention.

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  1. Check for ticks regularly: always check your dog’s fur frequently, especially After outdoor activities, especially in grassy or wooded areas. Try to maintain their hygiene.

    Keep your pets clean: Bathe your pets regularly using pet-friendly shampoos to keep their fur clean and reduce the risk of ticks and fleas.

    Avoid tick-infested areas: When possible, avoid areas known to be heavily infested with ticks, such as dense woods or tall grassy areas.

    Keep the area clean: Keep the place clean where they rest or sleep. Also, check their paws when they come from walks.

    Wash bedding and vacuum regularly: Wash your pet’s bedding frequently and vacuum.

    If you follow this chances are less for ticks and fleas.

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