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How can we naturally detoxify our pets?

Hi How can we naturally detoxify our pets? I have 2.3 yrs old Golden Retriever

Summary: User Shubha Das inquired how she could naturally detoxify her 2.3 years old Golden Retriever. The intent was not deworming, but cleaning off accumulated toxins in his body. User Sunny Luthra suggested that fasting once a week or fortnight could cleanse toxins. He also recommended replacing all packed treats with fresh, natural food.

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4 thoughts on “How can we naturally detoxify our pets?”

  1. Not exactly, just cleaning off any toxin naturally that has accumulated in his body..so what all can be done for this.?

  2. fasting is a good way to cleanse off the toxin, once a week or once in 15 days you can skip a meal. Also removing all the packed treats and giving natural fresh food is also the best way to keep the body clean.

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