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Can tick repellent collars and lime water solution be useful in controlling ticks in dogs?

Rock’y having tick issues since couple of months

Summary: In an OhMyDog chat, Raunak Lohiya discusses about a recurring tick problem in his dog. Despite regular bathing with anti-tick shampoo and physical removal of ticks, they persist. He considers trying an anti-tick powder and collars, but Sunny Luthra mentions mixed reviews for the latter. A discussion about using a lime water solution emerges, to which Lee Georgina suggests various remedies like Rosemary spray, Tick and flea essential oil spray, apple cider vinegar solution, as well as cleaning and maintaining the house environment. Best practice is to see which remedy works for their dog, with consistent usage of home remedies.

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9 thoughts on “Can tick repellent collars and lime water solution be useful in controlling ticks in dogs?”

  1. I’m bathing him in every 10-12 days with antitick shampoo and I’m picking all the ticks after searching his whole body but they keep on coming

  2. We are also researching on some healthy alternative to spot-on treatment. Right now I am using spot-on treatment on my dogs but I know it is not healthy.

  3. I have watched a video on Instagram which advises to make a concentrated lime water solution and spray it on the dog

  4. Lime can definitely help with repelling ticks and fleas. You can also use the rind (skin) and dab it all over your dog. However, different remedies work at different locations and different dogs.
    Rosemary spray is an option.
    SDD from Backintheday
    Tick and flea essential oil spray from The Nut Pack
    I also love Wondercide tick and flea spray. It’s expensive but lasts a long time.

    Other natural remedy can be apple cider vinegar + water (1:1) ration.
    Spray before walks and clean the body well after walks.

    My regular routine is wondercide or The Nut Pack tick and flea spray before walks. I also dust SDD powder once or twice a week. Check the dogs when they are back from walks. Use a flea comb everyday. A lint roller works great for short coat dogs, it pulls out the ticks.

    Best to check which remedy works best for your dog. For me alternating between different remedies is working. Consistency is key with home remedies.

    Keep homes clean, vacuum the house well. These pests live more in the house, less on the dog. Use a pinch of salt, a few drops of cedarwood oil during mopping. If you have a yard, look into natural yard sprays or sprinkle diatomaceous earth (food grade) as a barrier around the yard.

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