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Can raw chicken feet be given to dogs as treat and how many can be given in a day?

@luthrasunny sir raw chicken feet as a treat de sakte hai And how many should be given in a day?

Summary: Richa queries about feeding raw chicken feet as a treat to dogs. Sunny Luthra advises giving just one per day after ensuring the nails are cut and after dipping into hot water for 5 seconds. However, he cautions about potential allergic reactions and contamination from bacteria as chickens live in confined spaces. He does not recommend chicken feet nails. Ujjaini Dasgupta accepts Sunny's advice.

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4 thoughts on “Can raw chicken feet be given to dogs as treat and how many can be given in a day?”

  1. Chicken feet can create some allergic reaction in some dogs.. SO we have to observe first, you can start with just giving one/day, before giving see nails are cut and dunk it in hot water just for 5 seconds, then bring it to room temperature, then give.

  2. I don’t like chicken feets much because of the bacterias it has, most chickens live in a confined place and they poop their only, and the feets got contaminated a lot. Many dogs now a days are getting allergies because of that. Nails I can’t recommend. Feet you can give after dunking in a hot water for 5 seconds, but observe the poop, itching and digestion as well.

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