Course Content
Day 1
In this segment you learn how dogs develop issues, the simple but effective focus exercise, how to set clear expectations and what is the every day plan.
Day 3
You will learn the challenges you are going to face. The Play circuit in dog's mind. Most Powerful reward and the next step.
Canine Communication
    About Lesson

    Welcome to the first video of the Canine Communication Course 

    You know, no dog is born aggressive, isn’t it worth thinking about. I mean if they are not born aggressive then how come they are developing issues?

    It is because of the environment.

    And in our dogs’s case, their environment is us.

    We make daily mistakes consistently and as a result our dogs get unstable, they develop behavioral issues.

    All the issues are preventable if we are aware of our certain beahvior with dogs.

    In this video I talk about:

    1. Dogs are not born with issues
    2. Different sensitivity levels
    3. Mistakes lead to issues

    So with that, let’s go forword in our journey and begin this course. 🙂

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