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Day 1
In this segment you learn how dogs develop issues, the simple but effective focus exercise, how to set clear expectations and what is the every day plan.
Day 3
You will learn the challenges you are going to face. The Play circuit in dog's mind. Most Powerful reward and the next step.
Canine Communication
    About Lesson

    Dogs are born with their nose open, and then after 15 days they open their eyes and after 21 days they open their ears.

    This is their natural order, nose eyes ears to figure out the world. 

    BUT, we humans complete rewire their natural order backwards by meeting them with excitement and by creating a lot of exictied sound.

    Because of this they learn to use their ears instead of their nose to figure out things and this develops nerousness and insecurity in them because more eyes and ears dog uses more nervous and alert he becomes. More nose he uses, more balance he becomes.

    So always meet with dogs by following no touch no talk no eye contact.

    Interesing information na? let me know in the comments. 🙂

    Here is the mind map for you:


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