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Day 1
In this segment you learn how dogs develop issues, the simple but effective focus exercise, how to set clear expectations and what is the every day plan.
Day 3
You will learn the challenges you are going to face. The Play circuit in dog's mind. Most Powerful reward and the next step.
Canine Communication
    About Lesson

    So many dogs develop behavioural issues around food that can be easily prevented if you follow the feeding ritual.

    It is important to have a fixed time for your dog’s meal. Meals should always be after 20-30 minutes of a long walk if possible. This will help your dog humble towards food. When it is time to feed your dog, you should be calm and not create excitement. The dog should wait calmly for the food. Be present when your dog is eating his meal. If your dog shows no interest in the food within five minutes, pick up the bowl and provide the meal at the scheduled time only.

    Here is the mindmap for you 🙂

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