Course Content
Day 1
In this segment you learn how dogs develop issues, the simple but effective focus exercise, how to set clear expectations and what is the every day plan.
Day 3
You will learn the challenges you are going to face. The Play circuit in dog's mind. Most Powerful reward and the next step.
Canine Communication
    About Lesson

    This secret helps so much that this is the first thing I ask every dog parents to work on with their dogs.

    The human world is complex for dogs and we need to teach them to focus on us and not on environment.

    This method can help you achieve that and with that it also creates a deep bond with your dog.

    Introducing the Structured Walk–the perfect way to take your dog on a healthy, invigorating walk that will strengthen the bond between you and your dog.

    That’s why all the experienced behaviorists take dogs on a structured walk with them to create a bond then they work on the issues.

    With the Structured Walk, you’ll take your dog on walks at a fixed time each day, making sure each walk is at least 45 minutes long.

    You’ll calmly initiate each walk, with the dog remaining calm and leashed by your side.

    You’ll lead the way out of the house and keep the dog by your side or behind you during the entire walk. And you won’t use a mobile phone or lose focus while on the walk, making it a truly enjoyable experience for both of you.

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