Practical Solutions For Dog Behavioral Issues

Transform Your Relationship with Your Dog with a Personalized Call Consultation

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Mr Sunny Luthra is a great guide. I had previously been to many dog psychologist but I never found a person like him. By nature he is a superb human being and a person who has a superb understanding of dog psychologyI would recommend everyone who ever has behaviour issues with their dog.

Spandan Maskar January 15, 2023

Raising your pups is a journey, which we humans are unaware of . Often, we mimic raising them as human kids and deprive them of their identity and their requirements. We often focus on training than in behaviour as that is the old school way. I’m glad I’ve come across Sunny sir, whose knowledge, expertise and analysis is helping me raise well behaved dogs. Helping me and many like me understand dog psychology which is imperative for our kids well being. I’m seeing changes in my kids , they are calm , well behaved and respectful. I’m still learning, acquiring and seeking all the guidance I need from Sunny sir to understand my babies so that they are happy, social, well balance and fulfilled.

Kavita Dsouza January 13, 2023

Sunny was extremely helpful when we needed help with Mishka. After interacting with him my perception of how to raise a calm and confident dog has completely changed. Me and my family could understand our mistakes and make a meaningful relationship with our Pet. Thanks a ton Sunny

Arun Prasad December 21, 2022

In such a short call, Sunny helped me understand my dog's anxiety behaviour. Looking forward to learn more from him 🙂

Pooja Bhopale November 9, 2022

My consult with Sunny was absolutely fabulous. The guidance and the solutions Sunny provided were so accurate and doable. His experience in understanding and handling dogs was very evident in the way he was able to diagnose the situation I was describing and the solutions he recommended to resolve the situation. I honestly am very impressed by his knowledge of dog psychology and his humility in the way he has created this superb platform for dog parents like us.

debdatta das November 8, 2022

Sunny Luthra has a great knowledge on dog psychology. His advices and guidance helped me a lot to improve my dogs' behaviors and my relationship with my dogs.

Suptotthita Neogi October 20, 2022

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Bookings are accepted for a limited time.

Sunny Luthra

Dog Behaviorist, OhMyDog.Rocks

This is a call consulting product/service offered by Sunny Luthra for dog parents or dog trainers and behaviourists.

With dog psychology in mind, the primary focus would be to get a strategy around raising a well-behaved balanced dog.

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