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90-Day Expert Lessons on Dog Behavior and Health

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Discover the essentials of becoming an informed and proactive dog parent through engaging multimedia content and interactive quizzes.


  1. Introduction to the History of Dogs
    • Content: Insights on how dogs evolved from wild animals to domestic pets.
    • Quiz: Explore the major milestones in canine domestication.
  2. Understanding Your Dog’s Natural Instincts
    • Content: Insights into natural dog behaviors and instincts.
    • Quiz: Identify behaviors linked to natural instincts.
  3. Basics of Dog Psychology
    • Content: How dogs perceive their world and interact with humans.
    • Quiz: True/False questions on common misconceptions about dog psychology.

Tailor your dog's diet for optimal health with our expert-guided nutritional lessons and practical quizzes.


  1. Canine Nutrition Essentials
    • Content: Basic diet requirements, understanding nutrients.
    • Quiz: Nutrient function and food sources.
  2. Feeding Routines and Practices
    • Content: How to establish healthy feeding schedules.
    • Quiz: Scheduling and portion control.
  3. Supplements for Dogs
    • Content: When and what supplements to consider.
    • Quiz: Match supplements to health needs.
  4. Reading Dog Food Labels
    • Content: Deciphering ingredients and nutritional info on commercial dog food.
    • Quiz: Label reading exercise to spot undesirable ingredients.

Ensure your dog’s longevity and well-being with our comprehensive health management modules.


  1. Common Canine Diseases and Prevention
    • Content: Overview of common illnesses and preventative measures.
    • Quiz: Match symptoms with diseases.
  2. Dealing with Digestive Issues
    • Content: Identifying and treating common digestive problems.
    • Quiz: Symptoms and suitable dietary adjustments.
  3. Understanding and Managing Allergies in Dogs
    • Content: Identifying and treating common canine allergies.
    • Quiz: Symptoms and treatment matching for allergies.
  4. Mobility and Joint Health
    • Content: Maintaining joint health and mobility as dogs age.
    • Quiz: Identifying signs of joint issues and preventative measures.
  5. First Aid for Dogs
    • Content: Basic first aid techniques.
    • Quiz: Response strategies for common emergencies.

Learn to understand and shape your dog’s behavior for a happier, more harmonious relationship.


  1. Addressing Common Behavioral Issues
    • Content: Strategies to manage aggression, anxiety, and other common issues.
    • Quiz: Behavioral scenarios and best response practices.
  2. Training for Calmness and Confidence
    • Content: Techniques to nurture calmness and build confidence.
    • Quiz: Techniques and their effects on dog behavior.
  3. Socialization Techniques
    • Content: Properly socializing your dog with other animals and humans.
    • Quiz: Dos and Don'ts of effective socialization.

Deep dive into the emotional and psychological well-being of your dog with actionable insights.


  1. Stress and Anxiety in Dogs
    • Content: Identifying and managing stress and anxiety.
    • Quiz: Signs of anxiety and stress relief techniques.
  2. Behavioral Impact of Health Issues
    • Content: How health issues can affect behavior.
    • Quiz: Linking behavioral changes to potential health problems.
  3. Exercise and Mental Stimulation
    • Content: Creating effective exercise routines.
    • Quiz: Benefits of various types of exercise.

Explore holistic approaches to maintaining your dog’s physical and mental health.


  1. Mental Health and Enrichment
    • Content: Activities to enrich your dog’s mental health and well-being.
    • Quiz: Matching activities with mental health benefits.
  2. Physical Fitness and Exercise Routines
    • Content: Designing exercise routines tailored to your dog’s needs.
    • Quiz: Benefits of specific types of exercises.
  3. Neutering and Spaying
    • Educate dog parents about the benefits, procedures, and considerations of neutering and spaying dogs.

Adapt your dog’s diet to changing health needs and seasons with our custom recipes.


  1. Summer Cooling Recipes
    • Preparing meals and treats that help keep dogs cool.
    • Quiz: Identifying signs of dehydration and overheating.
  2. Winter Warmers and Comfort Foods
    • Meals that provide extra warmth and energy.
    • Quiz: Best practices for cold weather care.
  3. Feeding Dogs with Special Health Conditions
    • Diet plans for allergies, diabetes, and obesity.
    • Quiz: Diet modifications for specific conditions.
  4. Hydration Strategies for Dogs
    • Importance of water and how to ensure adequate hydration.
    • Quiz: Signs of adequate vs. inadequate hydration.

Apply your knowledge through real-life scenarios and validate your learning with interactive case studies.


  1. Case Studies: Behavioral Modifications
    • Content: Real-life examples of behavioral issues and intervention strategies.
    • Quiz: Analyze and suggest improvements for presented case studies.
  2. Case Studies: Health Improvements Through Diet
    • Content: Real-life examples of diet changes improving health conditions.
    • Quiz: Analyze diet changes and predict outcomes.

Review key concepts, plan for ongoing education, and celebrate your journey with a certificate of completion.


  1. Review and Reinforcement
    • Content: Overview of key lessons and themes.
    • Quiz: Comprehensive final test.
  2. Planning for Continued Education
    • Content: Resources for further learning and involvement.
    • Quiz: Identifying next steps in dog parenting education.
  3. Graduation and Certification
    • Content: Celebrating achievements and certificate distribution.
    • Quiz: Feedback and course evaluation.

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