How to join?

  1. Our sessions are invite only.
  2. Only an existing member can invite you.
  3. That member should accompany you in your first session.

Socializing Session Guidelines

  1. Respect the personal space of all dogs by not touching them without permission, not speaking to them, and avoiding direct eye contact.
  2. Stay calm and composed even if conflicts arise between dogs during the socializing session.
  3. Remember that the nature of the session may lead to unexpected situations and that the safety and well-being of all dogs are our top priority.
  4. Wear comfortable clothes, and sports or trekking shoes.
  5. Keep a water bottle with you, for you and your dog. (Most dogs will drink the water from the reservoir)
  6. The session duration is 2hrs.
  7. See that your dog is vaccinated, we have the right to ask for the vaccination details on any incident that require such information.
  8. When you join us then every dog in the session is your dog, and we are a part of one pack.
  9. This is a community and we have all kinds of opinions, don’t take any opinion personal and always choose compassion, confidence and calmness over any negative emotions.
  10. Relax, Engage and Have Fun.
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Vrinda Gadgil
Vrinda Gadgil
1 year ago

Hi Sunny, I would be most interested to join with Ravi, Reema and Reshma.
You have met them. They are not so social but I would like them to be.
It will be a great break through for all of us.

Pratik Danane
Pratik Danane
6 months ago

Hi my name is Pratik. I’ve a 2 years old American Bully. I don’t know any existing member are there any chances that I can still attend the event?

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