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Happy Healthy Dogs

Easy to follow simplistic guide to prevent and reverse obesity(overweight) in dogs

Shreya Shetiya
November 8, 2022

Just had an online consultation with Sunny. What an insightful conversation it was! It's clear that we need training first, our dogs, second. Sunny is a great man, extremely helpful and goes to the core of the problem. To think he does all of this for free really blows my mind! Keep up to good work, Sunny. 👍🏽

ishann daultani
December 21, 2022

Sunny has an excellent grip on matters related to Dog Psychology and within few minutes of observing the behavior of the dog he could decode the whole reason behind it. the unique thing is while other trainers or behaviorists focus on the dog , sunny is one of the few true behaviorists who focus on human's relation with the dog and not the dog alone. His concept of 6 rituals of dogs is truly amazing and clearly demonstrates his education and experience in this field.

Arun Prasad
December 21, 2022

Sunny was extremely helpful when we needed help with Mishka. After interacting with him my perception of how to raise a calm and confident dog has completely changed. Me and my family could understand our mistakes and make a meaningful relationship with our Pet. Thanks a ton Sunny

Indrani Das
March 23, 2023

The best community I have ever come across. Sunny is extremely helpful when it comes to building relationship with your dog and understanding them. I have been guided by him multiple times and every time it has yielded positive results. My bond with my dog has increased so much! Can never thank Sunny enough!

Samarpita Rahul Walia
March 25, 2021

I highly recommend every pet parents to enroll yourself in oh my dog parenting module. most of us, have no idea even, how we turn a dog into human eventually, and then issues start. I would suggest every pet owner please follow Rituals of Dogs which is well enough elaborated by Sunny Sir. Thank you sir for doing this such amazing work. Kudos 🙏

Suptotthita Neogi
October 20, 2022

Sunny Luthra has a great knowledge on dog psychology. His advices and guidance helped me a lot to improve my dogs' behaviors and my relationship with my dogs.

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