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Happy Healthy Dogs

Easy to follow simplistic guide to prevent and reverse obesity(overweight) in dogs

rachel vaz
December 21, 2022

Very helpful in understanding a dogs behaviour and training.

debdatta das
November 8, 2022

My consult with Sunny was absolutely fabulous. The guidance and the solutions Sunny provided were so accurate and doable. His experience in understanding and handling dogs was very evident in the way he was able to diagnose the situation I was describing and the solutions he recommended to resolve the situation. I honestly am very impressed by his knowledge of dog psychology and his humility in the way he has created this superb platform for dog parents like us.

Spandan Maskar
January 15, 2023

Mr Sunny Luthra is a great guide. I had previously been to many dog psychologist but I never found a person like him. By nature he is a superb human being and a person who has a superb understanding of dog psychologyI would recommend everyone who ever has behaviour issues with their dog.

Savita Singh
December 21, 2022

Commendable 👍👍👍👍happy to joining with u

Arun Prasad
December 21, 2022

Sunny was extremely helpful when we needed help with Mishka. After interacting with him my perception of how to raise a calm and confident dog has completely changed. Me and my family could understand our mistakes and make a meaningful relationship with our Pet. Thanks a ton Sunny

Ruchi Sharma
January 22, 2023

No words for Sunny sir he is the best…. He helps each n every person in the group m very thankfull to him for creating such an amazing group.

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