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Discipline Ritual – The Calm Assertive Way

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Without discipline, you cannot have respect in the relationship.The Discipline Ritual involves teaching your dog right from wrong through calm, confident, and consistent discipline. As the leader of your dog’s pack, it is important to establish clear rules, boundaries, and limitations to keep your dog safe and ensure that everyone knows their place within the pack. It is important to remain calm and assertive, even if you must discipline your dog multiple times. Here are some examples of rules, boundaries, and limitations you can set for your dog:
    • No entry into the kitchen.
    • No jumping on furniture without permission.
    • Not allowed to chew or take any object other than those provided by you.
    • Not allowed to steal food from the garbage or table.
In this course, I am going to share a case study of a dog who is learning how to not enter the kitchen and not to pick up shoes, with that Humans are learning how to discipline their dog in a calm assertive way.
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What Will You Learn?

  • How to take objects
  • How to create boundaries
  • How to provide discipline calm assertive way
  • How to build respect in the relationship

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Discipline Ritual

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