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I recently conducted a Zoom call with Georgina, a knowledgeable and experienced canine nutritionist, to seek guidance on various topics related to my dog’s health and nutrition. The call covered important areas such as dog epilepsy, the necessity of supplements, specific food recommendations, and strategies to address my dog’s excessive shedding and digestive issues.We began the call by discussing the topic of dog epilepsy. Georgina provided valuable insights into this condition, explaining its causes, symptoms, and potential dietary approaches to manage it.Moving on, we delved into the subject of supplements and when they should be introduced into a dog’s diet. Georgina stressed the significance of distinguishing between essential and non-essential supplements. She explained that supplements should be need-based rather than want-based, indicating that they should only be given when there is a specific nutritional deficiency or health concern. Georgina provided practical advice on identifying such needs.Georgina offered valuable insights into the potential causes of excessive shedding and recommended specific dietary adjustments.The discussion then turned to the necessity of probiotic supplements for dogs. Georgina shared her expertise on the topic, explaining the potential benefits of probiotics for canine digestive health.In addition to the main topics discussed, Georgina kindly addressed a series of questions I had prepared. She provided clear and insightful answers to each question, covering topics such as meal frequency for adult dogs, specific quantities and recommendations for feeding chicken and rice, the suitability of coconut oil or ghee as a topping, recommended vegetables, and specific food items to increase muscle or weight in dogs.Overall, the Zoom call with Georgina, the canine nutritionist, was incredibly informative and beneficial.I will be conducting more such sessions with her on different topics in detail.
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