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Course Content
Day 1
Day 1 is all about introduction and setting up the context of going on the journey of becoming dog behaviourist of your own(or any) dog.
Day 2
In this segment you will learn connection foundation, dog psychology, rituals of dogs and curing behavioral issues concepts.
Day 3
In this segment you learn about what to expect on this journey, how our energy impact our dog's behavior, and how this journey will change you, and what is the next step.
Canine Connection
    About Lesson

    This is the beginning of an amazing journey, this journey transformed me and so many dogs.

    So this video is about the vision behind this platform, what influenced me, the mindset that we need to develop.

    In this video, I talk about:

    • The Vision of building a community that can understand dogs.
    • Cesar Millan is one of my inspirations for becoming a dog behaviorist.
    • How I started?
    • The right mindset
    • 3-day challenge where you get a certificate at the end if you complete it!

    Let’s begin this journey.

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