Course Content
Day 1
Day 1 is all about introduction and setting up the context of going on the journey of becoming dog behaviourist of your own(or any) dog.
Day 2
In this segment you will learn connection foundation, dog psychology, rituals of dogs and curing behavioral issues concepts.
Day 3
In this segment you learn about what to expect on this journey, how our energy impact our dog's behavior, and how this journey will change you, and what is the next step.
Canine Connection
    About Lesson

    Oh man, I was like 97 kgs, depressed, frustrated and happiness was a foreign thing for me.

    I am so grateful to dogs and to Cesar Millan that I got to know about dog psychology, and how they respect a person with calm assertive energy.

    That was my inspiration to work on myself and become a better person, mentally, physically and emotionally.

    Getting better means that you are not better than someone, but it’s just that you are better than your past.

    It is a lifelong never-ending process, so don’t be in hurry.

    Relax, take one step, and then another, that’s it. 


    Also, did you see my photo? let me know about that in the comments 🙂 hahah waiting for your comments.


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