2.5 Month Old Puppy Biting Leash…

People ask this question a lot of times and this time I got one video from Sonia Ahuja asking for the same... Here is her question regarding her puppy biting the leash.. "Hello Sunny, I seek your help in the below query: I have a Golden retriever (f)2.5 months old I have desensitized her with a neck collar but whenever I’m trying to put leash, she is biting it. We will start taking her soon on small walks once her vaccinations are completed. What is the right age and how to introduce a leash to her so that she stops biting it and is prepared for it during her walks. - Sonia ahuja" I hope you all find this valuable. If you have any questions please leave a comment.

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Dog is biting when I am trying to clean her paws…

This question is from Karthi and she is having issues while cleaning her dog's paws.. "Hi Sunny. I am struggling to make my dog cooperate to clean her paws after walks. She is 7 months old. Currently, we take her to the washroom and pour water, and wash her paws and legs with plain water. She is ok when we do that. But she doesn't let us towel dry. She thinks of the towel as a toy and starts jumping and try to bite that. What can we do to calm her down when this happens? - Karthi" I hope you all find this valuable. If you have any questions please leave a comment.

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  • My Puppy Bites And Doesn’t Listen To Anybody…

My Puppy Bites And Doesn’t Listen To Anybody…

This is a very common issue with puppies because of the way people are behaving with them.. Please watch the video to understand the real issue behind this. Siddhartha asked this question on OhMyDog Help Center: "My dog name 'Tara' is a mixture of retriever, dobber man, and lab. She is 2 months old Tara always bites and doesn't listen to anybody... After having food also she wants to bite each n everything... Mostly she bites us... Trying to control her every time but nothing works... Can you help me out here? Anything on this... And she always gets hyper after 8 pm... Runs all over the house and jumps - Siddhartha" I hope you all find this valuable. If you have any questions please leave a comment.

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Dog starts to hump when he gets overwhelmed and feels aroused because the energy of excitement has crossed the certain threshold. Depending on the habit of the dog which he learned from the environment, playful energy can lead to excitement and when excitement crosses certain threshold dog becomes pushy, if the energy kept on increasing dog will start practicing humping which leads to dominance and then aggression. As a long term solution to the problem, there are three things you must do so that your dog can enjoy more freedom in life. His pushy, humping and hyperactive behavior can take away his freedom. 1. Exercise: Take him consistently on long structured walk. 2. Discipline: Create rules boundaries and limitations at home. 3. Affection: Don't nurture excitement. Excitement and affection both are different emotions. To break the habit of humping and pushing, make sure humans don't get excited with dogs as

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In their natural habitat you will not see dogs jumping on each other while meeting. Naturally no dog jumps while meeting, they meet each other calmly and shake hand by sniffing each other's rear. Most humans think that jumping or excitement of puppies is happiness, so they start nurturing the excitement by giving affection or acknowledgement. Excitement and happiness both are two different emotions. Excitement in animal world is unstable energy. Most puppies get consistent affection when they are small and jumps cutely on humans. Within 6 months, size of puppy quadrupled and the same jumping behavior becomes not cute any more. Dogs keep getting habitual of jumping or practicing excitement and eventually lose control completely which leads to more serious behavioral issues. Meet your dog by practicing no touch, no talk, no eye contact, so that, he can use his nose to meet you which is dog's natural way

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The pack leaders of dogs lead the pack by setting an example of themselves. He keeps the pack in the calm confident state of mind by projecting calm assertive energy. Considers the whole pack while making a decision, makes no discrimination and no favors. In dogs, leaders are born. In Humans, leaders are made. Male and female both can lead the tribe, the pack, there is no gender discrimination. The source of calm assertive energy leads the pack, protects the pack and serves the pack. They consider fear, anger, hate, intention to control as weaknesses and gives absolutely no respect, they either fight or flight from these energies. The greatest gift you can give to your dog is by becoming a source of calm assertive energy. Becoming calm assertive is a process and not an event. You keep achieving a different level and keep becoming a better version of yourself.

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I am grateful to Cesar Millan for enlightening us with his knowledge of dogs and energy. Understand this Dog is born with his nose open, after 15 days they open their eyes completely and ears in 20 days. Understand this as well Nose is the strongest sense of a dog. More nose they use, more balanced they feel. More eyes or ears they use more alert, excited, nervous, or out of balance they become. Most people meet dogs creating loud noises(hiiiii babbbbbyyy) with excitement which trains a dog to use their ears and eyes. Dogs learn everytime we interact with them. More ears or eyes they use, more habitual they become of overusing the senses which make them unstable. To gain respect from the species dog, we first need to give respect to their way of being. Nurture their use of nose more than often. Start practicing no touch, no

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In human species there are two types of psychology, male and female psychology. We both see world with different lens and in order to get better in communication we need to understand the psychology of the person. Dogs are a different species, but we still assume that they perceive the world like we humans do. Male person behaves with a dog using male psychology, female person uses female psychology which creates identity crisis in the dog's mind which leads to many behavioral issues if not all. Try to feel the feeling if you are going through the same crisis as well. When you bring a child in this world, it's responsibility of the parents to study and understand the child psychology so that they can give a better life to their child. When you bring a dog in your life, it's your responsibility to understand dog psychology so  that you

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Dogs are our spiritual guides.

I was a pre-diabetic, had hypertension and a crappy Immune system. I used to fall severely sick in every two months. That time I did not know my bad habits are taking the control of my life and I was becoming a slave of my own egoistic self. My anger towards everyone was escalating with great proportions and lashing out became normal to me. I was sinking in my own depression and was finding ways to end the misery I created for myself. There were many moments in my life when I thought of giving up on life but there was always a thought that there is something greater than the life I was living. Nothing gave me the level of satisfaction I used to feel when I was a kid, when I used to sit alone in peace and just observed the behavior of animals for hours. The way

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Separation Anxiety In Dogs Is A Human Made Behavior

- Human does not exercise his dog when he leaves the house for the work. - Human feels bad before he leaves house creating an energy of uncertainty. Understand this, Dogs are pack animals and in their natural habitat they never get separated from the pack. (Read Again) Pack represents power to a dog and getting separated from the pack means death to them. When you leave your dog behind four walls without being exercised properly so that he can naturally go under resting state of mind, they feel excited. When energy of excitement in dogs doesn't get any outlet because they are behind 4 walls, they feel trapped. In old times when dog used to feel trapped he usually digged his way out which is not possible in today's concrete households and that is why you will see scratch marks on doors and windows. Excitement in animal world is

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