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Anxiety Rehab Blueprint
In this topic I will explain what is anxiety, how to help the dog to manage it by providing exericse and structure.
Canine Anxiety Rehab Blueprint
    About Lesson

    Anxiety is a level of confusion that almost all dogs go through in their life. It can be caused by many different things, such as a change in environment, loud noises, or even something as simple as meeting new people or other animals.

    So this is the 6th course, and now I am eager for your review of all to courses.

    This is just a beginning, many experts are joining the platform to help you understand different aspects of dogs.

    We will be uploading practical courses but before that we need to build a strong foundation for you.

    So please do let me know your thoughts about the academy and the way we are moving forword.

    I will see you in the new upcoming courses soon.

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