Learning how to walk a dog

We teach how to walk a dog properly, how it affects the behavior of the dog. We also teach humans to be focused on the thought process during the walk and how our thoughts affect them.

Walking with your dog is a primal activity in dog’s mind. It is hardwired into their brain to migrate with their pack. Dogs don’t simply enjoy walks because they get to pee and poop and get some fresh air. Walking side by side is also the activity that creates the deepest bond between the dog and the human.

A pack walk is an important activity when you are trying to socialize dogs with each other. When they are walking in a pack, they are actually working like a team.

They become a single pack at that moment which creates good association with each other and triggers the pack mentality which help them to get acquainted quickly when they meet next. It drastically lowers the probability of a fight among them.

Walk should be structured, which means dog should be focused on the humans and human should be leading the walk.

Thousands and thousands of years ago, humans and dogs first walked, hunted, and migrated together and thus became two species that would evolve side by side as interdependent partners.