Stray dogs creating nuisance

All dogs have magnificent cognitive powers.

Cognition is defined as the brain process through which a dog acquires information about his environment. They are amazingly perceptive to nuance and observe the most imperceptible changes in us.

Every dog has a level of energy which he needs to drain daily, with strays that energy go in finding the food and protecting the territory. Finding the food is more important for them and that is why they spend the most of the energy in it.

Dogs start developing behavioral issues when human starts interacting with them in a wrong manner. When people start feeding a dog with lots of excitement then dog thinks that if he shows excitement human will feed him.

Feeders also feed when dog jumps on them and then dog get a message that jumping will also be rewarded with food.

Excitement in animal world is not natural.

If a dog practices excitement on daily basis and he is getting fed when he gets excited then he starts developing behavioral issues.

As dogs are already getting fed without working for food, they start spending their energy on protecting the territory.

Excitement which is not natural for dogs creates issues like aggression, running behind cars, bikes, excessive barking and it also intensifies all of this territorial behavior.

The right way to feed dogs:

In this video I am asking the dogs to give distance to human while feeding.

In animal world distance means respect, they are respecting my intimate space by giving me distance. I am also controlling the activity and keeping the excitement down.

Excitement can lead a dog to unstable behaviors and in case of strays it can also be running behind cars and bikes which can be dangerous for both the dogs and humans.

In this video I was feeding them for the first time that’s why they tried to come in my intimate space and close to the food. Dogs are pretty smart and they learn new behavior very quickly, so be patient the first time but after that it only becomes easier for both the dogs and human.

Dogs naturally work for their food. They travel and use their nose to find food. The more nose they use the more balance they achieve, the more ears they use the more unstable they become, Afterall nose controls 60% of their mind.

So when you are feeding them don’t use sound and only feed when they become calm. If you don’t have this much time then put the food hidden somewhere so that they have to use their nose to find it.

Teach them to give distance to you that way they will learn to give respect and distance to humans, it is important because their existence depends on it.

Please don’t take my words otherwise, I love dogs and like you I also want best for them and best for humans too.

Hate creates hate, let’s work on finding a solution rather than blaming each other, so that we all can live in harmony, peace and leave this world a little better than we found it.