Don’t Take Your Dog’s Digestive Issues Lightly

Your dog’s happiness depends on it

Do you know? Digestive issues is also because of an unhealthy GUT
An unhealthy gut can cause:
Worse thing is your dog gets depressed and falls sick often because of an unhealthy gut

we loose our sleep, our peace when our dogs are not happy & healthy

And this is not once a while issue, it is happening again and again
So, we started recommending ProBelly 90 Days Course (3 Bottles)
Meet ProBelly
The Compelling Ingredients That Make Pro Belly a Powerhouse

Packed With High Quality Ingredients

Apple Extract

Apples have vitamin C that helps your dog's immune system and fights harmful stuff in their body, keeping their cells healthy.

Pumpkin Seed Extract

Pumpkin seed extract can help soothe anal gland issues and keep their tummies healthy because it fights inflammation.

Human Grade Natural Probiotics

This strong mix of good bacteria can help your dog's tummy stay healthy by keeping good bacteria balanced.

✅ Expected delivery in 3-4 business days

Human Grade Soil Based Probiotics Powder For Dog's Health.
A powerful, and natural soil-based probiotic blend designed to meet your dog’s everyday needs.

Fortified Immunity:
Empower your dog’s defense mechanisms with Probelly.

Enhanced Digestion:
Eliminate digestive woes and elevate nutrient absorption for your pet’s well-being.

Allergy Relief:
Naturally mitigate skin irritations and allergies.

This product is intended solely for use with canines. Refrain from feeding it to dogs under 12 weeks of age. Ensure it is kept out of reach of both children and other animals.


Real Results From Real Customers

Pro Belly has helped not just the physical health, but mental health as well, I am so happy that I keep on recommending this to my clients as well.
Bhavna Gakhar
Doodle & Gullak's Mum, Dog Behaviorist
Excellent Rating
Shalini Lalka

I am really thankful that after starting to have Pro belly my pet has stopped itching, vomiting

Nitin Kawatra

Good product
Seen visible change in my dog’s daily routine
Getting free of allergies n overall growth

Aakriti Dutta

Kudos to Sunny Luthra and the entire team of Oh My Dog!
I am amazed at the results I'm seeing in such a short span of time. I would highly recommend all pet parents to add this gem to their fur babies diets. Happy parenting to all !

Palak Sawhney

Keep doing this great work. I thank Sunny Luthra from the bottom of my heart for turning each stone and working out on so many things for pet parents like us. Pro belly has improved my Casper's gut health tremendously. There is nothing else I could ask for. Thank you so much.


I have been adding probelly+virgin coconut oil to my dog's daily food for the last 1 month. I have noticed that the brownish colouration of her paws (due to yeast?!) has reduced a lot.

Anubha kushwah

My dog use to have poop use to take around 1 hour for her to poop when I use to take her outside for walk..but after using pro belly for just a week I am seeing visible results..she now poop within 15 mins of our walk..I would happily recommend pro belly to everyone for there dog gut health.

Dimple rathore

Pro belly is a magic...I thought that my dog never like it bcz of his choosy belly do a magic in my dogs health ..I feel good changes in my dog health...I am so happy with pro belly


It's an amazing product. My dogs issues are solved. His gut is healthy now. I recommend this to every dog owner.


My dog is suffering from pancreatitis, started giving pro belly he is showing good improvement


My 5.5 year old labrador used to vomit randomly. After giving the Pro Belly all that stopped. Thank you so much.


Yes, you can! Pro Belly is safe and beneficial for puppies aged 2 months and older. It’s an excellent way to support their developing digestive system and immune health from an early age. Just ensure that you follow the recommended dosage according to the weight.

Yes, Pro Belly is crafted with your dog's delicate digestive system in mind. Our ingredients, including gentle apple and pumpkin seed extracts, are selected to be soothing and beneficial, even for dogs with sensitive stomachs.

Many of our customers report seeing positive changes in their dogs’ digestive health and overall well-being within a few weeks of starting Pro Belly. However,  we recommend 90 days of consistent use, results can vary depending on the individual dog’s health and dietary needs.

No, Pro Belly is free from artificial additives, colors, and preservatives. We are committed to providing a high-quality, natural supplement that you can trust for your dog’s health.

Pro Belly is designed to be palatable for dogs, but we understand that every dog has its own preferences. If your dog is hesitant to try it, we recommend mixing it with their favorite food. If you still find that your dog doesn’t enjoy it, we offer a satisfaction guarantee.

While Pro Belly is an excellent supplement for promoting gut health and a strong immune system, it should not replace any medication or specialized diets prescribed by your vet. We always recommend consulting with your veterinarian before making changes to your dog’s healthcare regimen.

Pro Belly stands out due to its unique combination of probiotics like Bacillus Coagulans and Bacillus Indicus, digestive enzymes, and natural extracts. This specialized formula is designed to offer comprehensive support for your dog’s digestive and immune health, setting it apart from other products.

Published Research Papers

Because we value your trust in us

  1. Bacillus coagulans, a key ingredient in Pro Belly, has been shown to significantly improve nutrient digestibility in dogs, enhancing their ability to absorb vital nutrients from their diet for overall better health. [Research Paper].
  2. Effect of Saccharomyces boulardii in dog with chronic enteropathies: double-blinded, placebo-controlled study
  3. A Supplement with Bromelain, Lentinula edodes, and Quercetin: Antioxidant Capacity and Effects on Morphofunctional and Fecal Parameters
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