Seminar – Rituals Of Dogs

Learn the ways to become the pack leader every dog loves and respects.

We are on a mission to improve the ways dogs being raised. No dog is born with behavioral issues but they start becoming unstable once they start getting influenced by us humans just because of the lack of knowledge.

This seminar is for people:

👉 Who want to strengthen the bond between them and their dogs.

👉 Who want to raise well behaved dogs.

👉 Who are experiencing behavioral issues in their dogs.

You will learn the root cause of aggression, hyperactivity, anxiety, nervousness, pulling on leash, over barking, destroying the house and of many more unstable behaviors.

The quality of relationship between the dog and the human depends on the quality of communication which depends on the quality of understanding which depends on the knowledge human has.

We are going to conduct seminars all over India to improve the ways dogs being raised and we are starting this Saturday on 18th January from Pune with you all.

We all will meet at Sheesha Lounge and begin the session at 8:30am.

Let’s meet and learn more about our most beloved companion DOGS.

Register ₹ 1000