In human species there are two types of psychology, male and female psychology. We both see world with different lens and in order to get better in communication we need to understand the psychology of the person.

Dogs are a different species, but we still assume that they perceive the world like we humans do.

Male person behaves with a dog using male psychology, female person uses female psychology which creates identity crisis in the dog’s mind which leads to many behavioral issues if not all.

Try to feel the feeling if you are going through the same crisis as well.

When you bring a child in this world, it’s responsibility of the parents to study and understand the child psychology so that they can give a better life to their child.

When you bring a dog in your life, it’s your responsibility to understand dog psychology so  that you can raise calm and confident dogs.

The quality of your relationship with your dog depends on the quality of communication which depends on the quality of understanding you have about the species.