Saturday Session: Rousing Retreat: Dogs’ Day Out
1.30 hour proximity from pune near Bhor

Highlights: dogs are natural swimmers and most quite enjoy the feel of water but never get a chance to experience it. This is a great opportunity for you to let dogs explore their innate traits with mentors to guide you through every step of it.

With volunteers at your support and a couple of photographer friends to capture these precious moments, this is an occasion not to be missed!

Day: Saturday
Date: June 1st
Venue: Bhor

We will all assemble at our usual spot below the hill at 5:30 sharp. I will share the google location to the nearest point beyond which there is no network, so we highly recommend that we all leave together.

Make sure to fill your vehicle’s tank and prepare your bag one day prior to the retreat.

We plan to reach the place by 6:30. The session will last 3 hours approximately.

We encourage you to bring your own water and snacks.

Other Essentials:
-Mat to sit. Bedsheet optional.
-Food and water. There are no shops close by so you must come prepared.
-Extra pair of clothes, you’re likely to get tempted to go in water.
-Comfortable footwear that can be worn in mud and water.
-No washrooms around. Might have to go to the bushes.
-Sanitizer and tissues.
-Fish Spa: Courtesy Mother Nature.

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