So, It was early morning when I received a call from Shazaam’s Humans..

“Mr. Luthra, We are going to put our dog DOWN!”

This was the first line they spoke when I picked up the call, I was shocked because how can a family who love their dog so much can think of putting their dog down.

But soon I realized that they are angry and panicking.

They told me that shazaam has become very unpredictable and has attacked their daughter and when they tried to save their daughter, shazaam attacked them as well..

So, I calmed them down and asked them to put shazaam in a boarding center and I told them that I will take shazaam directly from the center.

I started preparing my place for him and at that time I was recovering from a dog bite as well. I live in open, in mother nature, in a tent, with 9 dogs (Including Shazaam).

I took Shazaam in after few days and started observing him.

He was aggressive towards humans, dogs, puppies, cats, and other animals.

He was on a leash but attacking my dogs and cats, So from the very first day, I started Implementing OhMyDog Parenting Model.

OhMyDog Parenting Model has proved to be very effective in preventing behavioral issues and also in helping dogs become calm and confident again.

Shazaam has come a long way and parenting is a life-long process.

Every day he is becoming more calm, confident & loving.

Shazaam was not born aggressive, but because of a lack of knowledge, his humans made many mistakes while raising him.

Shazaam became unstable because his humans didn’t know how to raise or behave with dogs, and most dog parents don’t know that either, most people are raising their dogs by making assumptions and leaving the mental well-being of their dogs on a complete fluke.

See, no dog is born aggressive but every dog can become aggressive if you don’t know how to raise dogs.

So, if you have a dog, and if you want to give a calm confident & happy life to him or her then you must learn dog parenting.

Enrollment to the OhMyDog Parenting Model is open, and it is available for responsible dog parents who are ready to learn how a dog’s mind works, how to fulfill their needs, and how to provide leadership.

If you’d like to join, you’ve got to act fast.

You can apply here:

Oh, and we only accept responsible dog parents. If you like to leave all the responsibility on a trainer to train your dog instead of taking the initiative to understand your dog… PLEASE don’t apply.