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We Understand How It Feels

  • When dog destroys household items.

  • When the dog is excessively barking or whining.

  • When neighbours complain about it.

  • When dog pulls during the walk.

  • When dog shows food aggression.

  • When dog becomes aggressive towards friends & family.

  • When friends stop coming because of that.

  • When dog jumps on your guests.

  • When dog starts humping everyone they meet.

We have helped 1000+ dogs and humans through our socializing sessions, online videos and home consultations.

Here’s What We Offer

You will instantly get a behavior fundamental video course. You will learn about dog psychology, different canine rituals, types of instabilities, concepts of energy and puppies. The series consists of 25 videos to guide you through the whole process.

Animals and Humans, all evolved differently, from different ancestors and with different strength and weakness to help them in surviving the world.

Different species have different ways of perceiving the environment. Even in humans we have male psychology and female psychology, we both see world differently. If we don’t understand the psychology of the opposite gender then we won’t be able to communicate properly leading to a problematic relationship.

Dog is a different species with a different psychology and to have a deep connection with your dog, you must understand the psychology of dog as a different species altogether.

The responsibility of a pack leader is to provide food, water, shelter and safety to the pack.  A pack leader must fulfill the needs of his pack, must enforce rules, boundaries, limitations, and bring a structure in the life of the pack members.

Walk is a very important ritual for dogs. For a dog, walk is just not to relieve oneself but it has a very deep meaning in the dog’s mind. For a dog, walk means patrolling the area, migration from one area to the other or going for a hunt for food.

Human must learn to lead the dog during the walk, so that in dog’s mind it is you who takes him for a walk and leads him in the aforesaid rituals otherwise it will be the dog who takes the human out for a walk.

Energy is a universal language, a language of emotions.  This is an interspecies language and we all broadcast it 24*7, It doesn’t matter if we are aware of it or not.

Learning how to project energy via our body language is necessary if you want to prevent unwanted behavior and to have a deeper connection with the dog.

It is a very important ritual to make the follower and leader bond more strong. If this ritual is performed properly, the dog will be humble and calm. The improper way of feeding can promote excitement or aggression or any other behavioral issues.

It is a very important ritual to make the follower and leader bond more strong. If this ritual is performed properly, dog will learn how to behave calmly and submissively. You will learn how to project calm & assertive energy. Dog behaves calmly in presence of a calm & assertive source of energy.

Learn how to introduce a new person in your house to your dog and how to let your dog meet with other dogs. Like us, dogs are social species, they love to meet with new humans and dogs.

Disease free dog is what we all want. Learn tips to keep your dogs healthy life long.

No dog is born aggressive, no dog is born unstable. Almost all dogs are naturally born balanced. If humans fail to understand and fulfill the needs of the dog, the dog can get frustrated or excessive pent up energy can lead to different behavioral issues. Learn how to manage and prevent.

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How it works:

  • You register for the program.

  • We give you a confirmation email along with access to the video course.

  • Our team will contact you to fix an appointment for the home visit.

  • We will visit your house for the training.

  • We will draw out an execution plan for you to follow for the next 21 days.

  • For any queries you can email or WhatsApp at any time.

  • After 21 days we will visit your house once again for follow up.

  • This time we will also click your family photograph with the dog of course.

  • You will be given a certificate of being a proud OHMYDOG human.

  • If not satisfied, 100% money back guaranteed within 45 days.

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Be Your Dog’s Hero

Let’s understand our most beloved companions.


  • If not satisfied, 100% money back guaranteed within 45 days.

The Know Thy Dog Program is perfect for people who want to get most from their relationship with dogs.

You will learn:

  • How dog’s mind works.

  • Different rituals of dog world.
  • How to identify and work with issues.
  • How to lead and give clear directions.
  • How human’s behavior affects dog’s behavior.

Who joins the Know Thy Dog Program:

  • Pet parents.
  • People who are thinking to get a dog.
  • People with problematic dogs.
  • Dog trainers and behaviourists.
  • People who love dogs and want to learn more about them.

We are giving you a system to understand your dogs which is rolled into one logically-laid-out format.

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